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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless All hail the omnipresent people familiar with the matter.This time, these patrons of the internet have told InformationWeek that Motorola is not satisfied with Google's Android, and that the company is working on its own mobile operating system.
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RE: Committing suicide?
by Praxis on Thu 24th Mar 2011 04:28 UTC in reply to "Committing suicide?"
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There is just too much competition in the phone OS market these days for a single manufacturer OS to get any traction at this point.Can you be more enterprise friendly then RIM, more user friendly than iOS, more sleek than WebOS, cheaper than Symbian or Bada, or more geek friendly than Meego. If Moto can't carve out of very clear niche for themselves quickly, they shouldn't even bother.

If they want to differentiate from over Android vendors, promise fast updates and give people control over their phone, if any phone vendor promised that they would have my dollars much faster than any skin they could ever dream up. And if they really want their skin to work well, then just go to the app store and buy or shamelessly copy the most popular home screen apps or launchers replacements.

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