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Mozilla & Gecko clones After a very long development phase, Mozilla has finally officially relased Firefox 4.0. The binaries were already up on the FTP sites yesterday, but today the release became official. Firefox 4.0 packs a heck of a lot of new features, including an entirely new user interface.
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#5 Forced search
Try this: Open in Firefox 4. Hit CTRL+T, then type and hit enter. Where did your new tab go? That's right, Firefox 4 guessed that you wanted to look at your *other* slashdot tab. This search-for-tab behavior could be useful, especially if you're me and have 200+ tabs all the time, but to do it by default and without recourse is rather horrible. What's next, switching and refreshing too, just in case I wanted newer content? This breaks my mental model of where I am in my tab-space, which is almost as bad as screwing with new tab location. There's a bug filed about this which suggests adding the option to hold shift to restore the non-search behavior... ugh.

It doesn't work as you say, for me. It goes where it should (creates a new tab). Disable: browser.urlbar.autoFill -> had the same problem as you with this turned on.

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