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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless All hail the omnipresent people familiar with the matter.This time, these patrons of the internet have told InformationWeek that Motorola is not satisfied with Google's Android, and that the company is working on its own mobile operating system.
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So, would this mean Motorola manages it as a rolling distro with regular updates or maybe prompt and regular firmware updates for existing hardware instead of using updates as a way to force future hardware sales?

A full distro not a half baked, half gutted software stack like Android or rose coloured prison sell like Ios.

A rolling distro with single central update repository across all XYZ os based devices.

Close liniage to Debian would be a bonus for easy of corss-compiling existing packages.

Root and shell access as easy opt-in settings not device/version dependent acrobatic acts of having to break into one's own purchased property.

Open to third party developers..

ok.. so I'm mostly listing what Maemo should have evolved into before Nokia decided that sticking it's face in a blender was more fun. After Motorola designing malware into there Android products, any OS they develop inhouse remains suspect.

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