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Benchmarks A new set of x264 and vpxenc encoder benchmarks have been published. The new benchmarks address many of the concerns raised in the comments about the methodology used in the previous article, such as using SSIM for quality measurement. Theora is also included in these tests.
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Would love to see a few more graphs
by gerg on Thu 24th Mar 2011 15:49 UTC
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SSIM vs bitrate overage

Also, since some seem to have trouble staying at the designated bitrate, shouldn't encoding bitrates be adjusted to stay at the requested criteria. Doesn't this mean x264 should be encoding at a lower bit rate? Likewise, doesn't this mean Theora should be encoding to a much higher bitrate, especially given your statement, "The Theora encoder considers container file overhead when encoding, possibly explaining its lower bitrate." Which appears to mean Theora is artificially punished on the SSIM evaluation because its pro-active efforts to maintain the requested bitrate.

It appears x264-high consistently exceeds the designated bitrate which would have the affect of artificially driving up its SSIM rating. It really seems its still not an apples to apples comparison until all are actually encoding at the designated bitrate; else those that do honor the requested bitrate are effectively punished. Seems like a cleaver way for x264 to consistently obtain an undue advantage in comparisons such as these.

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