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Benchmarks A new set of x264 and vpxenc encoder benchmarks have been published. The new benchmarks address many of the concerns raised in the comments about the methodology used in the previous article, such as using SSIM for quality measurement. Theora is also included in these tests.
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I should point out that the container format overhead is included in the bitrate charts so a small margin over the target is expected for vpxenc and x264 (and Theora should be expected to hit it exactly). Container overhead should be in the rage of around 0.5%

Also, since some seem to have trouble staying at the designated bitrate, shouldn't encoding bitrates be adjusted to stay at the requested criteria.

All the encoders do a good job of matching the requested bitrate in 2 pass mode, all bitrates are within around 1% of each other. IMO not significant enough to worry about.

The differences are a little more significant in 1 pass mode indicating that the problem isn't just Theora considering container overhead but rather Theora is just doing a worse job of matching the requested bitrate. I consider this an encoder decision and passing Theora a larger bitrate to compensate would be be unfair.

But again the differences here are still very small, getting a comparison with all encoders hitting the exact bitrate in 1 pass mode would be quite difficult.

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