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Legal "Sony has filed a new document arguing that the legal action against the noted hacker George Hotz should proceed in California. One of the arguments Hotz's legal team made against California's jurisdiction was the lack of a PlayStation Network account, which means he didn't agree to the Terms of Service, but now the company claims to have 'proof' that Hotz did in fact have a PSN account. An interview with a company based in California, and the number of downloads from California, are being used as evidence."
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RE[3]: Hmmm
by WereCatf on Thu 24th Mar 2011 19:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm"
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I don't think Geohot will end up in jail.

I don't have much knowledge about the US laws, but the little understand I have is that you can't go to jail in a civil case, only in a criminal case, and this is a civil case.

As for the rest: I doubt this 'blickmanic' is really Hotz, but I suppose it remains to be really confirmed one way or the other. If it is then it might seriously undermine Hotz's defence, and if it isn't then it will again place some mistrust towards Sony's claims and will undermine their credibility.

I just wish this was over with already, it is such an important court case and a whole LOT of US consumer rights hang in the balance. The precedent set will have very far-reaching consequences and given how little faith I have in the US courts I fear the result.

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