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Mac OS X Ten years ago, to the day. March 24, 2001, the first official released version of Mac OS X went on sale, for USD 129. It was a massive step up and a massive step down from MacOS 9 at the same time - technically way more advanced, but clearly still in its infancy and pretty much unusable. Kernel panics, crashes, incredibly slow, and lacking many key features. It was so bad, in fact, that Mac OS X 10.1 was released as a free upgrade. Of course, we geeks know that Mac OS X is technically a lot older, but alas, let's just celebrate these 10 years. Maybe Lion will finally bring a usable non-crashing Finder!
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...instead of the inconsistent mess we have today...

Totally agree with this. IMO as software has become more complex, worked on by more people, we've ended up with UIs that are less consistent and have a whole pile of incoherent ideas thrown together. While many of the ideas are valid or even valuable, losing consistency has been a big loss. This isn't a criticism of Apple either - it seems like a general industry trend.

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