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Benchmarks A new set of x264 and vpxenc encoder benchmarks have been published. The new benchmarks address many of the concerns raised in the comments about the methodology used in the previous article, such as using SSIM for quality measurement. Theora is also included in these tests.
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RE[6]: Too little too late
by JAlexoid on Fri 25th Mar 2011 00:43 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Too little too late"
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Do you have any links for that claim about performance?.

I've been attempting to gauge whether WebM/Youtube/HTML5 runs better than H.264/Youtube/Flash on my Ubuntu netbook.

Like most netbooks it doesn't have any hardware decoding support for either codec and Flash generally seems to lag behind on Linux. So while the number of people with linux netbooks might be small, this could be a good small niche for WebM to conquer first and give people a straightforward performance increase to encourage them to start testing it out.

It certainly seems to be getting better, but I'm wary of jumping to conclusions as there's lots of different elements to consider (e.g. Firefox vs. Chrome, GL acceleration on intel, full screen vs. non-fullscreen, different sizes of video, both bitrate and resolution, the quality of Adobe's software decoder vs ffmpeg), so I'd love to see some serious benchmarks if anyone has done them.

Nope... It's very much my machines. I checked Linux non accelerated.

Same video. Dancing android from YouTube (MAH01434) @ 720p. Same visual quality of video.
Athlon X2 EE @ 1GHz - 65%-85% (WebM) 80%-90% (H.264)
ThinkPad T42 - both basically killed the system. Both play with lag.
Atom N270 @ 1.6GHz GMA945 @ Windows XP - 22%-33%(WebM) 40%-50%(H.264)

In short WebM does look like least resource hungry on decode and Linux still sucks at graphics.

I mean, an Athlon X2 2.1GHz on Ubuntu being beaten by a lowly first gen Atom on Windows XP? Something is really wrong here...

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