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Legal "Sony has filed a new document arguing that the legal action against the noted hacker George Hotz should proceed in California. One of the arguments Hotz's legal team made against California's jurisdiction was the lack of a PlayStation Network account, which means he didn't agree to the Terms of Service, but now the company claims to have 'proof' that Hotz did in fact have a PSN account. An interview with a company based in California, and the number of downloads from California, are being used as evidence."
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RE[3]: Hmmm - buy one, support the other
by jabbotts on Fri 25th Mar 2011 13:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmm"
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"Sony does some very nice hardware and it is really stupid to ignore it just because you hate Sony legal practices."

What do you think funds the legal practices?

Buying Sony products, supports and premotes their legal actions. It's voting with your wallet. "hurray Sony.. go sue your comter base, i'm with you.. here's more of my money to put towards your consumer hostile efforts.

The purpose of a boycot would be to show dis-satisfaction with the company's products and/or policies. In this case, the issue is not a dangerous product being boycotted until the company delivers a safe product but a company's revenue stream being boycotted until they deliver more rational corporate policy and behavior. At minimum, until they recognize and respect valid consumer rights of ownership.

I personally don't like how Apple does business and won't premote how they do business by buying their products. The products are well done and the company policies are indirectly related to the product but buying the product premotes and supports the undesirable policies. I'll vote with my wallet and reward companies who are less consumer hostile (ie. show more respect for owner's property rights).

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