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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Research In Motion has just dropped a pretty major bombshell about its PlayBook tablet. Rumours were heard before, but now it's official: the PlayBook, which runs QNX, will be able to run Android applications. On top of that, and less surprisingly, support for BlackBerry Java applications has also been added, as well as a native C/C++ SDK alongside the already supported HTML5/AIR/Flash environments.
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Will Google let RIM put the Android Market on the PlayBook so users have access to the 200,000+ apps in it? Will users be able to use third party app stores like Appbrain and the Amazon Appstore for Android? Or because of RIM's focus on security will they only let their users get apps from App World?

Also is Oracle going to sue RIM for the use of Java or do they already have a licensing agreement?

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