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Legal "The International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Apple in one of the company's patent disputes with Nokia. ITC Judge E. James Gildea said on Friday that Apple did not violate any of Nokia's five mobile device patents, though the Commission's members must first review the decision before taking any further action." In the vice-versa case, ITC staff sided with Nokia (i.e., Nokia does not violate Apple's patents either).
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RE: Patents, only for big boys
by JonathanBThompson on Sat 26th Mar 2011 03:34 UTC in reply to "Patents, only for big boys"
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It's a pity you put far more thought into the grammatical structure and spelling of your meaningless statement than you did into proving your point. What do you have for sources to back up your statement? What about at least reasoning WHY you think only big companies benefit from patents? You've given no logical argument, just pure emotion, albeit using proper English (at least for one dialect) grammar and spelling. However, you've provided nothing to back up your point.

I can only conclude you're a troll, because surely nobody could be so stupid as to say that only big companies benefit from patents, because in so many cases, where someone or some small company invents something new or meaningfully improves something else, if they didn't have the limited time patent protection, the larger companies could take what the small company/individual created and worked on, and since the idea has already been figured out, the research done, they could easily go and mass-produce it for cheaper than the small manufacturer/creator, and drive them out of business, even if they need to to through the trouble to take a loss on that product for awhile until the original creator is history.

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