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Multimedia, AV The Linux Foundation has announced MeeGo TV working group ,the goal of which is to "help drive the evolution of MeeGo within the television ecosystem and provide an open framework for industry creativity and innovation".
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by avgalen on Sat 26th Mar 2011 08:12 UTC in reply to "huge"
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"Smart TV's will become most people primary household computer for email, ecommerce, entertainment, and apps"

This sounds so ridiculously unrealistic to me. Do you have ANY sort of proof for this except your wishful/geek-thinking?

My tv is for watching tv and I do more and more of that on my pc/laptop because it allows me to record and timeshift which my tv can't do. My tv is also for watching those recorded shows and some streamed media. My tv is NOT for email and ecommerce or apps. (entertainment is a very broad term so I won't touch on that one)

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