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Graphics, User Interfaces Samsung has developed a completely transparent solar-powered monitor that's designed to be used with ambient light. Though they're marketing it as a television, it's almost certainly going to be used initially as displays in commercial areas, and it apparently is also a touch-screen, opening it up for the coolest kind of kiosk you've ever used. See a video after the jump.
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RE[6]: This.
by pandronic on Sat 26th Mar 2011 08:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: This."
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- A friend just bought an Asus EP121 Win7 tablet. It's brilliant. You can easily draw with a stylus or take notes. I imagine that you can get a stylus for any of the current tablets. It's much easier to use than paper because you can erase, use different brushes and colors, layers, transparency and so on.
- Using Dropbox or a similar service you can make your documents easily transferable and furthermore accessible from anywhere. Wi-fi is widespread, mobile connectivity is reasonably cheap.
- Most people buy and carry a tablet or a laptop anyway, so there's no added cost or weight. Actually I'd say that it's easier to carry a tablet with thousands of books and documents than carrying said books and documents.
- Important letters can be electronically signed.
- You are less likely to lose your device than a piece of paper.
- You can search your local and on-line documents in seconds.
- Papers can be forged, copied or read without authorization, stolen, lost, crumbled, spilled upon, so I'm more worried about the security of keeping things on paper.

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