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Mac OS X When you run smbd -V on your Snow Leopard installation, you'll see it's running SAMBA version 3.0.28a-apple. While I'm not sure how much difference the "-apple" makes, version 3.0.28a is old. Very old. In other words, it's riddled with bugs. Apple hasn't updated SAMBA in 3 years, and for Lion, they're dumping it altogether for something homegrown. The reason? SAMBA is now GPLv3.
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by kaiwai on Sun 27th Mar 2011 09:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Brynet"
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I just don't get it. In every talk about the GPL, there is always somebody raising the argument that Joe Sixpack does not care about the license. What is the point about Joe Sixpack exactly? What does Joe Sixpack have to do with or against the GPL?

It's not about Joe Sixpack. I'm not Joe SixPack. Joe Sixpack does not write software and does not distribute it. Joe Sixpack does not know what software patents and the GPL are and he does not have to.

Joe Sixpack buys a computer and does not understand why it can't interact with his smartphone and why he can't read the document he wrote some years ago with an old word processor. Joe Sixpack does not want to know why it does not work. He just want his damn computer to work.

If Joe Sixpack saw patent reforms as an important matter then he would put pressure on the political establishment - that if they want his vote they have to come up with a patent reform package that would convince him to vote for said candidate. The issue isn't about licenses, it isn't about GPL, about reading the thread before opening your mouth. The original post by woozx:

Software patents are horribly bad, anyway. So as a tool against software patents GPL3 has a point.

I am replying EXPLICITLY about patents, not GPL3, not the snow man or the only gay eskimo in the tribe but software patents. Look at his post, look at my post - you bringing up GPL3 has absolutely NO relevance what so ever to what I posted. If you want to address GPL3 then reply to HIS post, if you want to talk about software patents and only software patents then reply to my post.

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