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General Development The C++ programming language is about to be updated, as the ISO steering committee for the language has approved the final draft specifying its next version. The ISO/IEC Information Technology Task Force will review the steering committee's Final Draft International Standard will review and, barring any complications, publish the draft later this year. It will be known as C++ 2011.
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RE: someone explain C++ popularity?
by rom508 on Tue 29th Mar 2011 22:35 UTC in reply to "someone explain C++ popularity?"
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Two main reasons:

1) Good compatibility with C. This is important when you want to do systems programming. Most operating systems and system libraries are written in C, so for example, if I want to program in Ada and I need to have the ability to call system library functions, etc., I need Ada bindings. With C++ you can use all C constructs directly.

2) Object-oriented programming model. You can do OO programming in C, but it's a bit more effort and requires discipline and experience. Certain programming constructs are expressed better with OO paradigm. I mainly write C code, however when needed I tend to write C code that uses abstract data types, inheritance and polymorphism. If you have a large team of programmers C++ makes OO programming more formal, this makes it easier for inexperienced programmers to write conforming interfaces.

Personally I'm not keen on C++, I find it too messy and wacky. The language as a whole has too many holes, i.e. it allows you to do things which result in undefined behavior and are hard to debug. I would really like to switch to Ada 2005, however until major Unix platforms (Linux, BSD, Solaris) decide to fully support Ada and provide complete Ada bindings for all their system libraries, I will stick with C.

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