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OSNews, Generic OSes Ah yes, why not? The last time we did this, it was March 2009, so it's been two years since we offered a little insight into what kind of operating systems and browsers you, dear readers, are using. In those two years, a lot has changed. I will also explain why in the few cases that OSNews does host video, I will host it in WebM.
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Country stats
by visconde_de_sabugosa on Wed 30th Mar 2011 00:56 UTC
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Can you give stats by country/continents ?

It would be interesting see how OSNews users are distributed in the world and what they use to browse OS News.

In my country (Brazil), for example, linux is more popular than mean as desktop and macs are less popular.

I use Google Analytics

in my sites and it is free (as beer) and give powerfull stats.

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