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General Development The C++ programming language is about to be updated, as the ISO steering committee for the language has approved the final draft specifying its next version. The ISO/IEC Information Technology Task Force will review the steering committee's Final Draft International Standard will review and, barring any complications, publish the draft later this year. It will be known as C++ 2011.
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C may not be the best language ever designed, however compared to C++ I don't think C is any worse.

All the things you mentioned about C not having standard containers and algorithms is not a big issue. What people tend to do is write their own libraries, or use libraries provided by third parties.

In fact I can say the same thing about C++, until recently there was no standard way in C++ to use hash tables, or do multi-threaded programming. You had to rely on libraries from third parties. A lot of C++ programmers rely on STL, however quite a few people dislike STL for various reason. So if you tend not to use STL because you think it's flawed and not designed properly, then there is really no good reason to use C++ in the first place.

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