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General Development The C++ programming language is about to be updated, as the ISO steering committee for the language has approved the final draft specifying its next version. The ISO/IEC Information Technology Task Force will review the steering committee's Final Draft International Standard will review and, barring any complications, publish the draft later this year. It will be known as C++ 2011.
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Sorry I made a mistake, it was some time ago when I did the tests and I don't have the sources. It wasn't 200K I got confused, I think the size difference was something like 2K.

Your test program is a bit simplistic, you need to call functions to insert items into list, then traverse the list, deleting every item. This is more or less what real code does.

So 2K is not a huge size, but it's still much more than similar implementation in C. In a large program bloat from STL can add up pretty quickly.

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