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OSNews, Generic OSes Ah yes, why not? The last time we did this, it was March 2009, so it's been two years since we offered a little insight into what kind of operating systems and browsers you, dear readers, are using. In those two years, a lot has changed. I will also explain why in the few cases that OSNews does host video, I will host it in WebM.
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RE: Interesting results...
by Peter Besenbruch on Wed 30th Mar 2011 18:38 UTC in reply to "Interesting results..."
Peter Besenbruch
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I would like to use Firefox 3.6.x, but Debian doesn't support it... but I do not like the forced twice-yearly upgrades of many mainstream distros and their tendency to use Firefox 4 (I just don't like the changes made in that version). So I'm kind of stuck right now. I might still switch distros for something more supporting of the nVidia drivers, but it'll still be a Linux distro with Firefox... unless I'm forced to go with Firefox 4.0 and choose to look into alternatives.


Am I the only one having browser woes here? I will admit, the competition's good... but what good is the competition if it means that everyone tries to rip off the newcomer's interface and not much more?

Linux Mint Isadora comes with Firefox 3.6 configured to look and act more like Firefox 2. It's a long-term release. You have another two years of desktop support on it.

I have never used Iceweasel on Debian. It's a pretty simple task to install Firefox in whatever version directly. Use the FTP site to grab a copy.

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