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Privacy, Security, Encryption Hearkening back to the Sony Rootkit brouhaha from a few years ago, a security researcher is claiming in a Network World article that he detected factory-installed keyloggers in two brand new Samsung Laptops. Samsung has made no official response, but a tech support supervisor contacted by the author said that the keystroke logging software was installed by Samsung to "monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used."
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Uh, no...

The term rootkit originated in Unix systems, and Linux is not immune, the source of most rootkits in Unix\Linux is crackers who gain root access through normal means, mainly security holes in other software running on the system. The cracker then installs the rootkit himself, if the exploit he used allows him to gain root access. This allows him access even if the original exploit is fixed.

Spreading the same old crap that Unix\Linux is magically immune to these things doesn't help anybody, especially people who take your words to heart and then get burned.

Now on the other hand, they are much easier to detect in Linux\Unix, so I think a lot of the cracker types are falling back on the old standbys of replacing standard commands like login with trojans, which is easier to do, and if you do that to a bunch of commands, you can cover more bases.

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