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Privacy, Security, Encryption Hearkening back to the Sony Rootkit brouhaha from a few years ago, a security researcher is claiming in a Network World article that he detected factory-installed keyloggers in two brand new Samsung Laptops. Samsung has made no official response, but a tech support supervisor contacted by the author said that the keystroke logging software was installed by Samsung to "monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used."
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Samsung denial:

Basically it seems (according to them, I can neither prove nor refute this) the alert that StarLogger is installed is based purely on the existence of a folder at c:\Windows\SL

That folder can also be created by Windows Live language support feature when adding details for the the Slovene (iso code "sl") language.

I have to say, while I don't find it hard to believe a manufacturer might install a key-logger, it seems hard for me to believe that a company the size of Samsung would buy a bog-standard shareware key-logger rather than developing their own, more undetectable version.

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