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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this clearly needs to get its own item. Yesterday we linked to a story about how Samsung is supposedly installing keyloggers onto its laptops to track user behaviour. Samsung immediately launched an investigation into the matter, and has come to a rather humbling conclusion: the guy coming up with the story is incompetent, and Samsung has the evidence to prove it.
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That was really unfair...
by Innominandum on Thu 31st Mar 2011 15:31 UTC
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It's not fair to publicly label someone as incompetent on a news site. Hassan jumped to conclusions too early and made a terrible mistake. Literally, everyone makes mistakes. The next time you make a hasty mistake, I will write an public new article calling you incompetent. :-)

There's also a lesson to be learned; bringing this 'issue' to Samsung's attention first would have been a classier method of resolution and saved embarrassment.

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