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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, this clearly needs to get its own item. Yesterday we linked to a story about how Samsung is supposedly installing keyloggers onto its laptops to track user behaviour. Samsung immediately launched an investigation into the matter, and has come to a rather humbling conclusion: the guy coming up with the story is incompetent, and Samsung has the evidence to prove it.
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I second that too. I gave up on running antivirus for my personal workstations somewhere between Windows NT4 and 98 and never looked back (and by workstations, I mean, nobody else but me touches them). I did manage to get infected maybe twice in all that time, but that was a long time ago, and nothing that grants changing my position on the subject matter...

However I would NEVER recommend that to anybody I know - I think it is something that a true power user has to naturally come to the conclusion him/herself. So I duly install it for anyone that asks for my help reinstalling Windows, and also try to keep track of the best ones, even though I don't use them myself...

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