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Privacy, Security, Encryption If you download and use what appears to be a version of the commercial "Walk and Text" Android app from a file sharing site, you're in for a surprise. When you run it, it shows you that it's being "cracked" but it's really gathering information from your device, in preparation for an e-smackdown. It sends a bunch of personal information (name, phone number, IMEI) off to a server, and, just for lulz, text messages everyone on your contact list:
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RE[2]: Nice !
by gerg on Thu 31st Mar 2011 19:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice !"
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As an android developer, I can tell you the 15 minute window for the vast majority of applications is extremely fair. Far too many people fail to understand they are purchasing an application for a buck or two which requires hundreds, if not thousands of man hours to create. And that's completely ignoring the massive support headaches and version incompatibilities (requiring a massive testing matrix) created by Google.

You're talking to a developer who had less than 1000 sales, 4.75 rating for a long time, and over 250,000 pirate installs.

I've had pirates demand support who then negatively rated me when support was not provided - which completely ignores servicing a single support request destroys all profit associated with the sale and actually places you into the negative.

I also had several friendly pirates say they'd be happy to donate for using the application but had no option but to pirate since it was available in their country. As such, i wasted time adding paypal support, per their request. Remember, I received many such emails specifically requesting this. To date - zero donations.

Piracy on Android is a massive problem. Piracy is the single largest reason why so many developers are forced to go the ad ware route. And yet, now users are getting mad at developers for making money the way possible thanks to pirates and Google's anti-copying incompetence. And even worse, pirates are now actively working to strip adware, a developer's sole source of income, from applications. And still worse yet, many of these pirates then turn around and either resell these applications or make money from ad ware by providing works created by others.

If you're the least bit upset, you need to smack around every pirate you can find. They are literally taking money from developers and are the direct cause of much unhappiness on the Android platform.

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