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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has released the first beta for Ubuntu 11.04. This si the first release where Unity is the default desktop environment. All the official Ubuntu derivatives have also bee beta'd.
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RE: Does it work?
by joekiser on Fri 1st Apr 2011 00:04 UTC in reply to "Does it work?"
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I don't know that this is Ubuntu's fault. At least for Intel, a lot of the graphics driver is now in the kernel, and it seems that every other update is broken. Since different distros go "gold" with different combinations of XOrg/Mesa/xf86-video-intel/kernel snapshots, it may seem as though one distro is more mature than another. In reality, they just ship whatever was most recent at the time, and it happens to have been bad timing. Use a rolling-release distro that always pulls in the latest software, and watch how one update can totally mess up the graphics stack, and next week's update runs as good as Windows.

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