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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has released the first beta for Ubuntu 11.04. This si the first release where Unity is the default desktop environment. All the official Ubuntu derivatives have also bee beta'd.
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Confused with virtualbox trial run.
by Hotmanta on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 00:33 UTC
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I grabbed both the beta ubuntu and kubuntu 11.04 last night.

The ubuntu interface had me stumped until I realised the new unity
interface wasn't working under virtualbox, went thru this same saga a
while back, this is going to confuse the hell out of everyone, hope
the general release tells you what is happening with some popup like
the unity interface will not work on your hardware!

The Kubuntu beta is awesome, the activities and desktop binding is
fixed now, a desktop activity contains both widgets and apps, so now
it is possible for example to create a home and work desktop
acitivity, so you can switch between the two and see a different set
of widgets and running apps, so I think KDE 4 has finally matured, I
am thinking informed Ubuntu users will switch over to Kubuntu with 11.04, see
whats happens I suppose.

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