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Windows Ever since Microsoft adopted its new 'silent treatment' development process, barely any news about the next version of Windows leaves Redmond. Now though, we have WinRumors stating that for Windows 8, Microsoft is finally going to do something visibly useful for desktop users with Shadow Copy, a feature first introduced in Windows XP.
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by ba1l on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 02:24 UTC in reply to "Troll author"
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First of all, the feature is inaccessible from the home editions of Vista and Windows 7. The GUI is simply missing, even though the underlying functionality is still there. Like remote desktop and domain support, it's considered to be a business feature.

Second, it's controlled automatically. it is not intended to keep YOUR data secure - it's intended for system restore points. The OS will make snapshots whenever it feels like it, and delete them whenever it feels like. Taking a snapshot of your data is an nintentional side- effect. Time machine, on the other hand, takes snapshots at regular intervals, and keeps them until you run out of space. It's actually designed to keep your data safe, and that's what it does.

Also, snapshots are NOT backups.

Not to mention the limited number of available snapshots. Time machine takes one every 15 minutes. At that rate, you'd only be able to keep a week's worth of snapshots with VSS.

Finally, my Mum managed to work out Time Machine by herself, but couldn't grasp VSS if her life depended on it.

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