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Apple Techcrunch is reporting from the usual "reliable sources" that one reason why there was no discussion of iOS 5 at the iPad 2 unveiling was that iOS 5 is going to be delayed until the fall, even though previous iOS updates have been done in the spring, making it a tradition of sorts. Furthermore, the upcoming WWDC will be "software only" and will not include the unveiling of any new hardware, in particular the iPhone 5, which will presumably be released concurrently with the iOS update.
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RE[4]: Comment by Thom_Holwerda
by lindkvis on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 11:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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Nobody *asked* about processor speed either. Yet, when the salesman states this one has bmgrth Ghz, and that one bmgrth+1 Ghz for the same price, people will be tempted to for the latter. They don't care on a conscious level - they care on a sub-conscious level. Moar = better.

Actually. You're the only one in this thread that doesn't get it. I have never, ever, ever in my life had a salesman tell me how many MHz a mobile phone processor has and I have never heard a non-geek knowing how many MHz his mobile phone has.

People don't care. When they buy a phone they expect it to be "fast enough" and they extremely rarely know any better. I sincerely doubt even most people working at the Carphone Warehouse or whatever the dutch equivalent is knows how many MHz a phone has.

It is the realm of the geek and it will remain the realm of the geek.

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