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Windows Ever since Microsoft adopted its new 'silent treatment' development process, barely any news about the next version of Windows leaves Redmond. Now though, we have WinRumors stating that for Windows 8, Microsoft is finally going to do something visibly useful for desktop users with Shadow Copy, a feature first introduced in Windows XP.
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RE[4]: Apple tried ZFS
by ba1l on Sun 3rd Apr 2011 08:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Apple tried ZFS"
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So, you clearly know nothing at all about BTRFS.

BTRFS works the same as ZFS in that regard. They both hash the block contents, and use that to detect data errors. Then, IF you have redundancy available in the storage pool, they can repair the data. If not, you'll at least know that the data has become corrupt.

In fact, you can think of BTRFS as ZFS for Linux. It has the same feature set, the same basic architecture, and the same capabilities.

The only real difference is that BTRFS is more advanced (newer data structures, which allow simpler design, and maybe more flexibility), but ZFS is more mature (better tools).

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