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Windows Yes, the Windows 8 rumour mill is really spinning up now. This time around though, they're not really rumours, since the information is coming from Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, long-time Microsoft enthusiasts with loads of insider access. They've got a bunch of screenshots showing a work in progress of... A ribbon in Explorer. And yes, it looks just as bad as it sounds.
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RE: Give me back my XPlorer
by nt_jerkface on Sun 3rd Apr 2011 22:39 UTC in reply to "Give me back my XPlorer"
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I think they have ran out of ideas with explorer and have made it worse since XP.

What I don't like is how they arbitrarily hide information in an attempt to simplify the interface.

It's still usable but explorer and windows media player are both cases where they should have left the original interface alone. WMP should only be used as an example of how not to design an interface.

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