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Editorial Rob Enderle wrote an intriguing editorial for Digital Trends entitled "You can't call 'time out' in Silicon Valley," which examines the current battle between Apple, Google and Microsoft over the future of computing. In it, he draws some interesting parallels from the history of warfare, and notes that Microsoft and Google have made some of the classic blunders that have caused great armies to fail dramatically.
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I'm familiar with Rob Enderle's opinions, in particular, his open hostility to FOSS. From the wikipedia entry on him
Enderle's analysis of free and open source software, Linux in particular, is disputed by the FOSS community.[19][20] Speaking publicly in 2004 in a talk announced under the title "Free Software and the Fools Who Use it"[21] and presented under the title "Free Software and the Idiots who Buy It" Enderle explained his "position on Linux as a Free software scam" claiming that "it doesn't contribute to anything" (i.e. neither any common good nor any private good) and that "it may not even be sustainable on a large scale". He went on to state that those who doubt SCO's right to extract revenue from Linux users "are attacking because they disagree with the legal rights of these companies" without mention that the Linux community believes that SCO is infringing on the rights of Linux's authors.[22][23] Enderle has consistently and repeatedly recommended against Linux and intimated its failure writing such things as: "Moving away from Red Hat is the better of the two options..."[24] (2004); "... the PC OEMs don't, and probably never will, fully support Linux on the desktop"[25] (2006); "Linux exists in an environment where ... the opportunity for traditional, old style, data breach is immeasurable."[26] (2007).

I don't see how it's more possible to be inflammatory than that quote. After reading the Google vs. Apple part I can't help but wonder if this is not just yet another tired astroturf ploy.

Here are two articles you might find interesting concerning the relationship between Enderle and Microsoft:

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