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Windows Yes, the Windows 8 rumour mill is really spinning up now. This time around though, they're not really rumours, since the information is coming from Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, long-time Microsoft enthusiasts with loads of insider access. They've got a bunch of screenshots showing a work in progress of... A ribbon in Explorer. And yes, it looks just as bad as it sounds.
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RE: Give me back my XPlorer
by Aankhen on Mon 4th Apr 2011 07:45 UTC in reply to "Give me back my XPlorer"
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I like some things about the W7 Explorer, but I have my gripes too:

* It no longer shows the folder in the title bar. There is simply a gigantic chunk of blank space at the top of the window. Where does it come from? What does it want from us? Is it hostile?

* The “Links” pane was useful in Vista as a quick way for me to access some of my most frequently-used folders. Come Windows 7, and the corresponding “Favorites” window is no longer anchored in place; if I want to actually use it, I have to first scroll up through the five screens’ worth of folders I have open in the left pane. Thanks, guys!

* Grouping is nigh-useless now. I like to group files by type. In Vista, you could use the label of a group to perform actions on the entire group (by bringing up the context menu, dragging it, etc.). In 7, if you’ve selected a group using the label, tough! You have to deselect it then reselect the actual files.

* I also wish that I could see the disk statistics at the bottom of the window like in XP… I’m not sure why disk space is suddenly irrelevant just because we have more of it.

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