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Windows Yes, the Windows 8 rumour mill is really spinning up now. This time around though, they're not really rumours, since the information is coming from Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, long-time Microsoft enthusiasts with loads of insider access. They've got a bunch of screenshots showing a work in progress of... A ribbon in Explorer. And yes, it looks just as bad as it sounds.
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EVERY blasted new iteration of an OS they feel the need to overhaul something that reached the PINNACLE of usability with XTREE Gold back in the 80's... or for GUI with Windows 3.0

EVERYTHING since just feels like a bloated slow train wreck and I'm getting sick of turning OFF all these stupid UI "improvements" that just get in my way.

As in "For **** sake, just show me a blasted file tree", "why is it taking so long to open a directory", and "god forbid I want to see the ACTUAL file extension".

Between all this "database driven" bull that NOBODY is going to bother filling out, (and coming from a BeOS fan, I mean "database driven bull"), useless idiocy like spatial navigation -- and worst of all bull like this that just adds more and more and more useless crap to the display until you can't even fit more than four files at a time on the screen...

Well, there's a reason the FIRST thing I do on a windows system is turn off "hide file extensions", force the default behavior of the sidebar to "show tree", turn off "file indexing" as taking too damned long, and force the default behavior of every file listing to "details" and "normal folder" instead of that customized details malarkey...

What, is there something wrong with filename, extension, size and date?

See why I find most non-windows file managers even MORE crippled and useless, since if they don't show you those things, usually they don't let you customize them to change that behavior.

They were DONE back on windows 98... LEAVE IT THE **** ALONE! Maybe instead of adding all this bloated slow useless crap, they could optimize it down so that file management isn't more painful and slow than win 3.0 was on a 286?

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