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Legal "The hacker hordes of Anonymous have transferred their fickle attention to Sony. They are currently attacking the company's online Playstation store in retribution for Sony's lawsuit against PS3 hacker George Hotz. A denial of service attack has temporarily taken down"
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Meh... except for this
by umccullough on Tue 5th Apr 2011 00:02 UTC
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As far as the DDOS attack, {shrug}

But this:

While most Anonymous attacks remain online-only hacks or protests, Operation Sony will feature a real world component. On April 16, Anonymous wants people to gather at their local Sony stores to complain in person—no doubt leading participants to rummage through their closets in order to dig out the old Guy Fawkes mask.

Now that's how you do a real protest ;)

Sadly, I doubt there will be enough real people who bother doing it to make a difference - and I doubt Sony will care.

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