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Legal "The hacker hordes of Anonymous have transferred their fickle attention to Sony. They are currently attacking the company's online Playstation store in retribution for Sony's lawsuit against PS3 hacker George Hotz. A denial of service attack has temporarily taken down"
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by Elv13 on Tue 5th Apr 2011 02:24 UTC
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They are still alive even if the anon-hype is over and lawsuit in progress. I was quite sure the movement would lose much of its strength after a few week. But apparently they still have the fire power to take down target used to multi million simultaneous visitors.

I dont think it come from peoples having forgotten that ion cannon thing open for months, they must have one (or both) of these things: an ever increasing in power botnet or real supporters.

Are they the "good peoples", definitely not. But at the same time, like it or not, they do defend peoples interest against abusive corporate power and corporate driven government action, slowing the *slow* "advance" coming from the lobbying front. So, in the end, are those kids "outlaw hero" like modern robin hood, just dumb kids playing batman or simple criminals with no better idea and/or an appetite for visibility?

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