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Google Considering the massive FUD-attack currently underway against Android vendors, this news doesn't come as a particular surprise: Google has announced plans to acquire Nortel's immense patent portfolio for defensive purposes. Google's blog post on the matter couldn't be more bitter and direct.
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RE[3]: Patents and me
by Abstract on Tue 5th Apr 2011 03:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Patents and me"
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"software is already protected by copyright. Hence, software should not be patentable

This is another gray area. What is the difference really between a chemical formula and a block of code? Both are the blueprint on how the final product is created. A material is patentable as well as the process in which to create it, I see no real difference with software.

After some further thought, a counter point would be, books.
The language in which it was written in, is not patented nor is the final product itself (the book) but rather copyrighted.

Yet software is neither a book or a chemical compound.

However I do agree with the fact that the patent system does need to be updated and reformed, as times have changed.

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