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Legal "The hacker hordes of Anonymous have transferred their fickle attention to Sony. They are currently attacking the company's online Playstation store in retribution for Sony's lawsuit against PS3 hacker George Hotz. A denial of service attack has temporarily taken down"
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RE[4]: Meh... except for this
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 5th Apr 2011 06:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Meh... except for this"
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First of all, it doesn't hurt Sony in any way or form. ... Secondly, people not being able to access PSN or Sony's website? Well, Sony can just explain that it was the Anonymous who did it, and voila, Sony has just gotten loads of positive PR while Anon got the negative one.

I don't know of too many people (translation: no one) who I haven't told who know about the Geohot case. Those I have told... don't seem to really care. Similarly, when a service is down, most people immediately point fingers at the company in question (the ISP, PSN, Xbox Live, etc.) without second thought--not too many care or know what causes a network/service outage. And certainly not too many people are going to be visiting OSNews and Slashdot to find this stuff out for themselves, and if they did, after a bit of clicking around they would probably be sent to information about the Geohot case.

Again, it doesn't cost Sony anything and will just sway public opinion in their direction. Third, completely irrelevant and innocent users of Sony's PSN getting screwed by this DDoS? Doesn't hurt Sony in the least, it only makes those people angry at Anon.

Again, I don't think so. Not unless this somehow gets top attention on Fox News or something. But that kind of "news"--a company getting DDOSed by some, eh, "anonymous" group of people--doesn't make money... and there is a never-ending goldmine constantly being tapped about murders, rapes, drug busts, and other crap that happens all the time that is more likely to grab the audience's attention and keep them watching the news ($$$). That's not going to change. Hell, how many people in, say, Fox News' audience even know WTF a DDOS is? How many even care, or even be affected by it (ie. own a PS3 and try to play online at just the right time)? Probably extremely few, I would guess.

And on the second point... come on, those innocent Sony users should be used to it by now. In fact, if I were some clueless Sony user, by now I would probably think, "what's new, same shit, different day." Sony screws their customers all the time. Their users are basically bent over with Sony standing behind with their gigantic corporate hard-on.

Look no further than this lawsuit which spawned the DDOS--it was brought up against one of Sony's own paying customers. Why? Because he gave people the keys to "unlock" the PS3 to use the OtherOS feature that Sony took away from them in the first place. Either OtherOS or PSN... but if you choose both, LAWSUIT! And I just have to give an honerable mention to the shit Sony pulled on their beloved users... the Sony Rootkit.

Also, if a news source does happen to actually report on this, and makes no mention of the Geohot case and the events leading up to it (removing features/functionality from purchased hardware), then chances are that news company is biased and/or in Sony's pockets. In which case, it's the fault of the one-sided news reporters for swaying the story in Sony's favor.

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