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Legal "The hacker hordes of Anonymous have transferred their fickle attention to Sony. They are currently attacking the company's online Playstation store in retribution for Sony's lawsuit against PS3 hacker George Hotz. A denial of service attack has temporarily taken down"
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RE[5]: Meh... except for this
by mistersoft on Tue 5th Apr 2011 22:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Meh... except for this"
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There's a difference though. People striking and protesting does so by standing up for something *in person* and not being anonymous.
"Anonymous" are just a bunch of attention-seeking script-kiddies..

*in person*...really?!
so -Libya type rebellions aside [where ignoring political persuasions, people truly are standing up to be counted and putting their lives on the line]- in lower-key direct actions such as the mass marches in the US and Western Europe against the last Iraq invasion or the recent demonstrations against public service cuts by a mean and irresponsible conservative government here in the UK, people have been pre-registering their dissent with officials through an online intent-to-gather form have they?! I must've missed that.

Unless they turn violent or start looting and get arrested the participants are similarly anonymous to Anonymous (both largely being identifiable to government agencies should the authorities wish to put the resources in but superficially they're both anonymous).

..and I really wish people would stop using the term Script Kiddies in these scenarios willy nilly as if that automatically wins you argument points. I may well be mistaken but my take on it is that the Anonymous participants both in this case as well as Wikileaks seem to be taking action on something they (at least SEEM) to believe in the cause of. Therefore 'Script Kiddies' comes across as about as objective as if we kept calling Sony the 'Corporate W*$%ers!'

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