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Google Is Android still open now that Google has postponed the source code release of Honeycomb, version 3.0 of the mobile operating system? I've been reading a whole boatload of articles and blog posts on the web claiming Android is no longer open, but it seems like very few people seem to actually understand what 'open' really means when it comes to the GPL and the Apache license. Here's a short primer.
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RE: Fact
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 6th Apr 2011 06:48 UTC in reply to "Fact"
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He's trying to bait Gruber/Apple users for hits and free publicity, something Dvorak and Enderle have been doing for ages.

If I want Gruber to link to us, I shouldn't be writing well-reasoned articles. Gruber usually link sto two kind of articles:

- those which are kissing his or Apple ass
- those which are so outrageous they can be ridiculed (ZOMG APPLE IS GOING BROKE TOMORROW LOLOLO!!1!)

This allows him to keep up the illusion that he is always right.

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