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Gnome The day is finally here, the day that the GNOME team releases GNOME 3.0, the first major revision of the GNOME project since 2002. Little of GNOME 2.x is left in GNOME 3.0, and as such, you could call it GNOME's KDE4. We're living in fortunate times, what, with two wildly divergent open source desktops.
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RE[4]: Sigh...
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 6th Apr 2011 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sigh..."
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I believe that's exactly the point of this interface design. Focus on a single task or few tasks. Minimize clutter and visual distraction.

...and make it more difficult to efficiently use multitasking.

Yeah, great idea during a time when processors fly and computers have tons of memory available for just about anything its user might want to do, and then sone. Problem is, GNOME is about 15-25 years too late. This kind of thing would have been *great* ages ago...

Hardware takes us several steps forward and continues to improve... while GNOME tries to take us decades back in functionality.

Sounds like something Microsoft or Apple would do... but they have a reason: Microsoft can sell a more functional, more expensive license to those who want more features and power (ie. Starter -> Home Premium or Professional), while Apple is trying to sell shiny white overpriced hardware to computer-illiterate users and going for the lowest common denominator is the way to do it.

GNOME... I'm not sure what they're trying to prove, given that they're throwing away just about everything when it comes to modern UI design. They sure can't be trying to steal Mac OS X users through ease of use and familiarity as they were often accused of in the past, since GNOME 3 doesn't act anything like Mac OS X (let alone anything else).

That said, I am interested to try Gnome Shell again (tried it before very briefly, wasn't too impressed then) and see it evolve. Hopefully it pulls a KDE4 and steadily improves while diminishing all of its shortcomings... but if Gnome 2 was any indication, it's more likely to diminish more functionality.

Yeah, I'm prepared to be modded straight down to hell for this. Fire away.

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