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GNU, GPL, Open Source In a recent article Thom contributed his opinion to the discussion about the openness of Android that started when Google choose to withhold the source code for honeycomb, here are my 2 cents. In the article the obligations GPL puts on Google are made very clear. This makes it clear that Android is indeed an open-source project. However being open-source and being open aren't always the same thing.
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RE[2]: Good one
by tuzor on Thu 7th Apr 2011 00:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Good one"
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It's a pun aimed at a comment made by some google fanboy in a previous article.
It's also pretty true at the same time.
I don't think you're very bright if you believe that Google is open. They certainly tried very hard in the previous years to portray this image of being open, however they are being betrayed by their recent actions.

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