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Google Is Android still open now that Google has postponed the source code release of Honeycomb, version 3.0 of the mobile operating system? I've been reading a whole boatload of articles and blog posts on the web claiming Android is no longer open, but it seems like very few people seem to actually understand what 'open' really means when it comes to the GPL and the Apache license. Here's a short primer.
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Marketing War !
by martini on Thu 7th Apr 2011 03:14 UTC
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We need to understand the marketing strategies here.

Apple market itself as "simple" "perfect-design" "easy to use".

When the media started to complain about iPhone 4 antenna problems and told it was a "bad design" problem, it was a direct attack to the Apple brand because they are known as the company that has "perfect-design" products. Apple and his fanbois made all the effort to deny any design problem, because acknowledging it will be harmful for the brand. (even that they indirectly acknowledge it by searching to hire more antenna specialist at that time)

Google is marketing Android as "open" as an advantage to iOS "perfect-design".

So now you have an well-design, easy to use and "open" OS to compete with iOS. It is hard competitor for Apple. Fanbois strategy is trying to discredit Android at a marketing level (the ground they known for many years). So they are starting to attack and say that "open" is overrated. And that is better to have a constrained and controlled iOS than a full of potential malware installed on Android.

Android stills shows their "Openness" at the ecosystem level. You can not install on iOS software that is not controlled by Apple. If you are in a third world country you can not buy apps from the App Store, you can not buy music from the iTunes store (your credit card it is not accepted).

Android allows you to install apps not controller by Google. You can have local "Apps Store" that will be more customized for your geography. That is "Open" from another perspective. (not the open source one).

So, in a marketing level, Android keeps being more open than iOS.

(crap, my post does not make sense with the article anymore)

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