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Microsoft The world's richest man talks about developing new drugs to combat AIDS, open-source software and why Microsoft's still cool after all these years. Gates: "We encourage everyone to develop in our environment. Free software's nothing new... There was an early browser, an early mail program. But as times moved on, it's been the commercial programs that get the support, get the richness."
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RE: Nex6
by Pelly on Tue 18th Oct 2005 16:52 UTC
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ALL OS's get updates and patches

This is a 100% true statement.

However, when Microsoft provides patches & fixes, they're never "small" patches or fixes. The patches & service packs are immense with the vast majority being so disruptive that a reboot is required to complete installation of the patch.

No, I wasn't stating that an OS should always be stable, I was commenting on the sheer volume of the updates required over the last two years for WinXP.

Granted, there are several Linux flavors that allow version upgrades via internet connection. Of course, those version upgrade byte-sizes would be expected to be large.

On the same side of the coin, Linux patches and fixes are nwhere as large as MS.

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