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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 3.0, and concludes: "The solid technical work that has been done under the hood really complements the new user experience features in GNOME 3.0. Despite some of the gaps in the feature set, I think that the environment and the new shell is a good starting point for building something even better. The GNOME contributors will be able to iterate on the design and move it forward in future updates."
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by _xmv on Thu 7th Apr 2011 23:32 UTC
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or rather key sentences and expressions:

solid technical work that has been done under the hood

gaps in the feature set

good starting point

iterate on the design

future updates.

Says enough. Dunno about you, but I personally hate this kind of speech. Basically saying GNOME3 is clearly not finished, yet praising it at the same time. All and the opposite in the same paragraph.

This happens a bit everywhere these days and the writers pulling this off seems proud of it. I find it annoying at best.

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