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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 3.0, and concludes: "The solid technical work that has been done under the hood really complements the new user experience features in GNOME 3.0. Despite some of the gaps in the feature set, I think that the environment and the new shell is a good starting point for building something even better. The GNOME contributors will be able to iterate on the design and move it forward in future updates."
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RE[2]: Soooo ....
by mat69 on Fri 8th Apr 2011 08:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Soooo ...."
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And in practice you don't change settings on a daily base anyway.

In some cases I think that some of the Gnome applications lack features. Nautilus was quite bad but is getting better at a constant pace. I mean not being able to mark files with the mouse in list view is really stupid.

In regards to Gnome 3.0 I tried it for roughly have an hour yesterday and I am _really_ amazed.

It works quite smooth and does what a Desktop should do imo. Help you in starting applications and managing those that run already. Also the notifications are a good thing, the KDE 4 notifications really annoy me. They are like "look at me, look at me, click me, click me", those in Gnome 3.0 work a lot better imho.

Further Gnome 3.0 really makes me wanna use workspaces. I never/hardly do that in KDE. It is too uncomfortable to assign applications to it and to switch between them. And no I don't want to remeber keyboard shortcuts, especially not when I want to work with the mouse. Yeah I know you can assign actions to screen edges, but those have a disadvantage for me themselves: I end up hitting them by accident.
This does not happen in Gnome 3.0, since it is not just a screenedge but also a clickable area which has a specific purpose.

All in all imo Gnome 3.0 is a very good desktop already. Yeah it has flaws but for a .0 release ...

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