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Linux Well, this is fascinating. ASUS hasn't even released its Eee Pad Transformer yet, but it's already put up for download the source code to the Linux kernel used in the Android Honeycomb operating system the machine runs. In other words, Google isn't withholding anything it is not allowed to withhold. As said by many - storm, teacup, meet. Go here, select download, select Android.
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RE[3]: Kernel
by crimperman on Fri 8th Apr 2011 09:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Kernel"
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"It's all about making sure that AT THE VERY LEAST the licenses are not violated. That's important.

License violation would never happen in a company as rich and knowledgeable as Google (they've got a lot to lose). That's for small sweatshops mostly.

Surely the point of the storm-teacup bit is that Google did not have to make the kernel source available (to end users) as they were not distributing the binary (to end users). Asus are distributing the binaries and therefore need to comply with the licence terms as they are here.

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