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Legal Should I be sad or relieved? Groklaw, the website that played a central role in the SCO vs. sanity case, has just announced it will close up shop on May 16 of this year. Groklaw's place in history has been secured, surely, but in recent years, the site became more and more like a relic from the past, clearly stuck in the everyone vs. Microsoft mindset of the late '90s and early 2000s. Even in today's announcement post, Groklaw shows that its time has indeed come.
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Gender Guesser?? WTF??

I write fiction in my spare time. One of the pseudonyms I use is female although I'm a man.
I ran a few of my short stories through it last year.
Guess what... The Stuff I wrote under my male name came out as 'Male' whereas the stories I wrote using my female pseduonym were "Weak Female"

I just tried two different gender guessers myself out of curiosity. One of them claims I'm female, while the other one claims I'm male. My breasts disagree with the latter.

That said using a gender guesser tool to try to guess someone's gender is really ignorant, if not even downright stupid. Especially if you're using that guessed gender as an argument somewhere in trying to prove their discredibility!

Basically, the more formal and the less imaginative the wording is the harder it becomes to try to guess someone's gender, and then again the opposite is also quite true: if you are very creative and have a really large vocabulary you're also equally difficult to classify properly. Well, Groklaw clearly matches the first case.

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