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Legal Should I be sad or relieved? Groklaw, the website that played a central role in the SCO vs. sanity case, has just announced it will close up shop on May 16 of this year. Groklaw's place in history has been secured, surely, but in recent years, the site became more and more like a relic from the past, clearly stuck in the everyone vs. Microsoft mindset of the late '90s and early 2000s. Even in today's announcement post, Groklaw shows that its time has indeed come.
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Another anti-Symbian quote from the OSNews.

Yes. We are anti-Symbian. It is our mission to destroy Symbian. It is our goal to never mention Symbian because we're in cahoots with a secret society consisting of Google, Apple, and Microsoft. When I wake up, all I think about is "how can I make the life of the honest-to-god Symbian user spiderman more miserable today?". I get off on it.

but OSNews is not a US media

We actually are. SLC, Utah.

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