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Red Hat "San Francisco‚Ä"Red Hat is the strongest Linux company in the world when it comes to servers, but it has almost no presence on the desktop. That will be changing in 2012 with the reintroduction of a Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments-based virtual desktop infrastructure."
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RE: SPiCE is nifty
by Lennie on Tue 12th Apr 2011 11:05 UTC in reply to "SPiCE is nifty"
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I've tested SPICE for a bit and also watched Youtube video's over crappy wifi and even that kinda worked, audio and all. I'm looking forward to using it for all my VM's.

The idea of SPICE is to use the capabilities of the (this)client if it is available, so if you have 3d-things, the rendering of 3D can actually happen on the client.

That all seems very promising.

To bad development doesn't go a bit faster with these tools SPICE, libvirt, virtual machine manager. They all could use some polish (?). I think kvm gets the most attention.

Does anyone know if it can also handle individual applications instead of full a desktop ?

(?) Not sure if that is the proper english spelling, but I think you know what I mean.

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