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Red Hat "San Francisco‚Ä"Red Hat is the strongest Linux company in the world when it comes to servers, but it has almost no presence on the desktop. That will be changing in 2012 with the reintroduction of a Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments-based virtual desktop infrastructure."
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RE: Wait.. but..
by laffer1 on Tue 12th Apr 2011 17:16 UTC in reply to "Wait.. but.."
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Consider that many people are buying devices like iPads, netbooks and lowend laptops at home. I think desktop systems will get phased out for general use. If a company doesn't want an employee to have a portal computer, it might be cheaper to buy a thin client rather than a full desktop system in the future because the demand is dropping for them.

Most people are happy with a tinker toy computer and don't want the power you can get with a desktop or workstation. That could change with the right killer app, but I doubt it will. I'll keep paying the premium but businesses won't.

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